BBM 2005:s2 - Overview

Written by David Bray on 11 August 2005.

A brand new BBM survey (bringing the yearly total to 4) made its debut today. This time around it covers Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Next year that list will include 9 markets in all. Anticipation (with apologies to Carly Simon) was intense.

Toronto: CHUM-FM bounced back from the last book to lead the way with an 8.6% share of hrs. tuned for A12+ (up from 6.7% in Survey One ) and a 16.7% share for F25-54 (up from 14.0%). A great book for CBC Radio One with an 8.3% share of hrs. tuned (A12+), up from 6.7%. Despite dropping a bit, Q107 turned in a 6.4% share of A12+ and a 13.5% share of M25-54. 98.1 CHFI-FM had some nice gains, delivering a 6.5% share of A12+ and a 10.0% share for F25-54. Look for the positive trend to continue in the fall with the return of Erin Davis along with Mike Cooper.

Vancouver: CKNW, inching up a notch, remained #1 with a 12.0% share of hours tuned for A12+. 96.9 Jack-FM fell back to an 8.4% share of hrs. tuned for A12+ (from 10.0% in the fall). Very nice numbers for 103.5 QM-FM posting a market leading 18.6% share for F25-54 (up from 13.9% last time out).

Montreal: 105,7 Rythme FM pulled away from the pack, leading the market with 10.7% share of hrs. tuned,  A12+ (up from a 9.9% share) in addition to delivering a 16.7% share for F25-54 (down from 17.9%). Despite falling back a bit,  Energie 94.3 takes top spot with M25-54, posting a 13.3% share.