BBM 2006:s3 - Radio's race still mostly neck and neck

Written by David Bray on 04 October 2006.

(Published in "Media in Canada")

: A very tight race for bragging rights at the top of the ratings heap, with CHUM-FM posting an 8.7% share and CHFI-FM delivering an 8.6% share of hours tuned for Adults 12+. CHUM-FM program director Rob Farina was "thrilled with the station's continued dominance in Toronto." CHFI's resurgence since the return of Erin Davis (followed closely by popular co-host Mike Cooper) last fall has been quite remarkable. Erin told us that she was "gobsmacked" by the loyalty of the audience who followed her when she returned home after her tenure at EZ-Rock.

CHUM-FM leads the way for females 25-54 with a 17.4% share (up from 16.1%). CHFI-FM is solidly in the #2 position for that demo with an 11.8% share. Q107 had another strong showing and is #3 overall with a 7.9% share A12+ and a strong #1 with males 25-54, posting to a 14.6% share. The Edge extended its #1 position with M18-34 posting an 18.8% (up from 16.7%) share.

Vancouver: CKNW held onto its lead, remaining #1 for A12+ with a 10.7% share of hours tuned (up from 10.3% last time out). A great book for 96.9 Jack-FM, boasting a 9.5% share for A12+ (up from 7.6%). 103.5 QM-FM retained the #1 F25-54 position with a 16.6% share (up from 14.3%). #1 for M25-54 goes to JACK-FM with a 15.5% share. The FOX stays on top of M18-34, delivering a dominant 21.9% share of hours tuned (up from 19.6%).

Winnipeg: CJOB retained its lead with a 16.2% share of hours tuned for A12+ (up from 15.8%). Hot 103 gained the #2 spot with a 10.6% share. Avery nice book for 99.9 BOB-FM which leapt into the lead for F25-54 with a 14.2% share of hours tuned (up from 9.6%). They are followed closely for that demo by HOT 103's 13.5% share. A very tight race for M25-54 - Power 97 with 14.0% share, CJOB at 13.8% and 92 CITI-FM with 13.7%.

Montreal: 105.7 Rythme FM leads the way with a 11.5% (up from 11.0%) share of hours tuned A12+, in addition to remaining #1 with F25-54 delivering a 16.9% share. A good book for 97.7 CHOM-FM, taking top spot with M25-54, posting a 15.3 (up from 12.2%)

Calgary: Country 105 remained on top of A12+ with a 13.7% share of hours tuned (up from 13.2%). A very nice showing for CJAY92, claiming the #2 spot with a 12.3% share and the #1 position for M25-54 with 21.1% share of hours tuned (up from 15.9%). Vibe 985 was looking good with an 11.0% share (up from 9.2%) for A12+ and a 22.3% share for M18-34. Country 105 won the #1 spot for F25-54 with a 15.7% share.

Edmonton: CISN Country takes top honours for A12+ with a 13.3% share (up from 9.2% last time out). CISN also tops F25-54 with a 15.8% share, followed closely by 92.5 Joe-FM at 15.2%. A very close race for M25-54 with CISN delivering a 12.8% share, 97.3 K-Rock at 12.5% and Big Earl 96.3 at 12.2%. The Bear dominates M18-34 with a 21.4 % share of hours tuned.

Ottawa-Gatineau: CBC Radio One holds the #1 position with a 9.2% share of hours tuned for A12+ (down from 10.4 %). CHEZ106 leads the way with M25-54, delivering 12.9% share of hours tuned (up from 11.6%). For F25-54, Majic 100 is on top with a 13.4% share (down from 15.4%).