BBM 2006:s1 - Erin Davis and Mike Cooper boost CHFI in Toronto

Written by David Bray on 11 April 2006.

Toronto: The big news in Toronto is that Erin Davis and Mike Cooper have helped lift CHFI-FM back to the number one position with a 9.0% share of hours tuned for A12+. Even more significantly, the station's Female 25-54 share over the last 3 books has climbed from an 8.5% to 11.5% last time out to the current 15.7%, moving them to the #1 position for that demo. We spoke with the elated team. Erin says, "We didn't expect it to happen so quickly, but we're delighted with the direction it's taking." Veteran Cooper calls this "the best time I've ever had in radio." CHUM-FM dropped from a 9.1% share to a 7.9% share for A12+, giving them a strong number two position. They also delivered a very respectable 14.4% share for females 25-54. A post-strike book for CBC Radio One showed them jumping back to 6.7% share for A12+. Nice gains for Classical 96.3 moving from a 4.8% share to a 5.4% share of A12+. It's another good season for 680 News, which climbed to a 5.8% share of A12+ after a 5.4% share last time out. Q107 retained the top spot for males 25-54, posting a 12.7% share, down a bit from 13.5% share last time out. The Edge remained number one with M18-34, delivering a 16.5% share (up from 14.9%).

Vancouver: CKNW held their lead, remaining tops with a 14.7% share of hours tuned for A12+. 103.5 QM-FM retained the #1 F25-54 spot with a 14.8% share (up from 15.5%). Number one for M25-54 goes to 96.9 JACK-FM which continues to grow with a 13.3% share (up from 12.8%) followed closely by Rock101 at 12.2%. The FOX stays on top with M18-34, delivering an impressive 19.5% share of hours tuned for that demo (up from 17.9%). Sadly, despite impressive ratings results, Corus recently had to cut 12 staff members, reportedly to improve the "bottom line."

Winnipeg: CJOB fell back somewhat, but still retaining its lead with a 16.2% share (down from 20.4% share) of hours tuned for A12+. 92 CITI-FM held its top spot with M25-54, posting with a 15.8% share (up from 13.6%) of hours tuned. The F25-54 race is almost a dead heat with to QX 104.1 at 12.5% share, Q94 at 12.5% and 99.9 Bob-FM at 12.5%.

Montreal: 105.7 Rythme FM bounced back up, leading the way with 12.1% (up from 10.1%) share of hours tuned (A12+) in addition to remaining number one with F25-54, delivering an imposing 18.0% share (up from 16.3%). Energie 94.3 takes top spot with M25-54, posting a 14.1% share of hours tuned (down from 16.6%).

Calgary: Country 105 remained on top for A12+ with a 12.5% (down from 13.7%) share of hours tuned. 96.9 JACK-FM won the gold spot for F25-54 with a 17.3% share. CJAY 92 lead the way once again for M25-54 with a 15.9% share (up from 14.9%).

In Edmonton, CHED leads the way with an 11.7% share of A12+, down slightly from a 12% last time out. CISN tops the list for F25-54 with a 17.5% share (up from 15.1%) and 97.3K-Rock is tops with M25-54, delivering a 12.9% share (down from17.6%).

Ottawa-Hull: CHEZ 106 clings to the number one position with a 9.7% share of hours tuned for A12+ (down from 10.3%). CHEZ 106 also leads the way with M25-54, delivering 11.9% share of hours tuned (down from 15.1%). For F25-54, Majic 100 is on top with a 14.7% share (up from 14%).