BBM 2005:s1 - BBM reveals latest radio figures

Written by David Bray on 12 May 2005.

As the spring breezes begin to blow, things are heating up in anticipation of the CRTC decision coming out of the satellite/subscription hearings held late last year. For now, the race for ratings is as hot as ever as demonstrated by the new BBM released yesterday.


Toronto: EZRock climbed to the top of the heap, posting a formidable 8.5% share of A12+ and a 14.2% share for F25-54. It remains to be seen what effect the departures of Erin Davis and Mike Cooper (who are both reportedly bound for CHFI-FM) will have on future books. CHUM-FM fell back from 9.4% share in the fall to a 6.7% share of hours tuned for A12+. Despite dropping a bit, Q107 turned in a 6.9% share of A12+ and a 14.4% share of M25-54. 680 News continued its strong showing with a 5.1% share of A12+. The changing landscape becomes most notable when we look at the relative shares for F25-54: EZRock 14.2%, CHUM-FM 14.0%, CHFI-FM 8.7%.

Vancouver: CKNW, while slipping somewhat from the fall, remained number one with an 11.6% share of A12+. Nice gains for 96.9 Jack-FM with a 10.0% share of hours tuned for A12+ (up from 8.9% in the fall) and a market leading 15.2% share for F25-54. JRCountry held the gains made in the fall with a 6.4% share (A12+).

Winnipeg: CJOB, while dropping a couple of share points, remains well out in front with a 16.3% share of hours tuned for A12+. Particularly nice gains for Hot 103 with an 8.9% share (up from 7.0%) and Power 97 with 9.8% share (up from 7.3% in the fall.) Power 97 leads the way for M25-54 with a 17.4% share of hours tuned. The F25-54 race remains very tight with four stations posting between 11.0% and 14.4% shares.

Montreal: 105.7 Rythme FM leads the way with 9.9% share of hours tuned (A12+) in addition to posting some nice gains with F25-54, delivering an imposing 17.9% share. Energie 94.3 takes top spot with M25-54, posting a 14.8% share.

Calgary: 96.9 Jack-FM moved up to claim the number one share of hours tuned for A12+ with 13.1%, followed closely by CJAY 92 at 12.9% and Country 105 with 12.2%. Vibe 985 continues to trend up nicely, delivering a 7.6% share this time out.

In Edmonton, with its best book in some time, CHED leads the field with a 13.8% share of A12+, followed by CISN-FM at 11.3 and EZRock 104.9 at 9.7% share of hours tuned for A12+. Killer numbers for EZRock in F25-54 with an 18.5% share and 97.3K-Rock in M25-54 with an 18.4% share.

Halifax: While slipping slightly from the fall, C1OO-FM remains formidable with a 20.8% share of hours tuned for A12+. Nice gains for Q104, delivering an 18.2 share for A12+ and an unbeatable 35.4 share for M25-54. C100-FM continues its domination of F25-54 with a 33.2% share.

Ottawa-Hull: The good news here is that there were no errors in the enumeration process this time out. CBC Radio One leads the way with a 10.5% share of hours tuned for A12+ followed closely by Majic 100 with a 10.3% share. Nice gains for CHEZ 106 with M25-54 and a market leading 13.2% share. For F25-54, Majic 100 is on top with a 16.8% share.