BBM 2004:s3 CHUM tops in 12+ in BBM report

Written by David Bray on 16 December 2004.

As the winter winds begin to howl, things are heating up in anticipation of the CRTC decision coming out of the hearings held in early November. Nothing less than the future of radio in Canada is at stake. For now, the race for ratings is as hot as ever as demonstrated by the Fall BBM released yesterday.

Toronto: CHUM-FM claimed a market leading 9.4% share of hours tuned for All people12+. Q107 turned in an impressive 7.3% share of A12+ and a dominant 15.4% share of hours tuned for Males 25-54. EZRock proved that the summer book was a minor blip as they posted a formidable 8.1% share (A12+). CHFI-FM continued their downward trend. 680News continued their strong showing with a 5.5% share of A12+. The changing landscape becomes most notable when we look at the relative shares for Females 25-54: CHUM-FM 17.8%, EZRock 13.3%, CHFI-FM 7.8%. For Males 18-34, the Edge102.1 is #1 with a 15.0% share of hours tuned followed by Q107's 10.7% share.

In terms of full coverage reach (A12+), three stations have now passed one million listeners: 680 News (1,122,400), CHUM-FM (1,084,400) and Q107 (1,036,400)

Vancouver: CKNW, while slipping somewhat from the spring, remained #1 for all listeners with a 12.0% share of A12+. JACK-FM seems to have peaked and continues its decline with an 8.9% share of A12+ and a still formidable 14.6% share of M25-54. Rock101 lost ground with females 25-54, but maintained a strong 13.1%share of M25-54. Nice gains for JRCountry with a 6.4% share. An excellent performance from CBC Radio One with an 8.2% share. In the F25-54 demo, QM-FM reclaimed its leadership with a 15.9% share, outpacing JACK-FM's 13.8%. The FOX is now a strong #1 with Males 18-34, delivering a 17.2% share.

Winnipeg: CJOB remains well out in front with an 18.4% share of hours tuned for A12+. Particularly nice gains for CBC Radio One with an 8.7% share. The F25-54 race is very tight with 4 stations posting between 9.5% and 12.5% shares. Similarly close is M25-54 with both BOB-FM and CJOB posting 15.0% shares followed by CITI-FM (11.8%) and Power97 (11.1%). While losing a substantial amount of share in the M18-34 category, Power97 continues to dominate young men with a 26.4% share. Nice gains for FREQ107 with young men, posting a 6.4% share of M18-34.

Montreal: the prizes for most notable gains go to CKOI (9.0%share of A12+) and MIX96 (6.7% share). The F25-54 battle is closer than ever with Rock Détente delivering 15.1% share and 105.7 Rythme FM at 14.9%.

Calgary: Country105 inched up to claim the #1 share of hours tuned for A12+ with 13.6%. Vibe 985 has been trending up nicely, moving from a 5.2% share in the spring to a 7.2 % in the fall. Some serious movement in F25-54 left Lite96 and Jack-FM in a dead heat, each posting a 17.8% share. In M25-54 CJAJ92 leapt to the top with an 18.9% share. For Males18-34, CJAY92 is dominant with an incredible 36.6% share of hours tuned.

In Edmonton, very tight race with CHED leading the way at 12.3% share of A12+, followed closely by CISN-FM at 11.9 and Joe-FM at 11.5% share of hours tuned for A12+. Killer numbers for Joe-FM in F25-54 with a 21.1% share. A very bad book for the Bear falling to an 8.5% share of hours tuned for M25-54 and a 19.1% share of M18-34 (which still leaves them #1 for that category). EZRock lost its leadership position with F25-54, but remained quite strong delivering a 14.0% share. K-Rock continued its downward trend, but still held on to the #1 share position for M25-54 with a 15.6% share.

Halifax: While slipping somewhat from the spring, C1OO-FM remains formidable with a 21.2% share of hours tuned for A12+. Very nice trending for FM96.5 with a 13.5% share. C100-FM continues its domination of F25-54 with a 30.6% share while Q104 turns in an imposing 33.4% share of hours tuned for M25-54.

Ottawa-Hull: The news here is that there is no news. No book will be released for Ottawa until January. BBM discovered an error in its enumeration process that resulted in an imbalance of English and French respondents in this market. After analyzing the returns from the Fall survey, BBM staff determined that the Ottawa-Gatineau data was not within publication standards. Supplementary diaries have been sent out to remedy the error.