BBM 2008:s3 - Survey 3 2008 BBM Overview

Written by David Bray on 07 October 2008.

It would seem that the world is in a state of upheaval, with politicians continuing to pummel each other, the stock and housing markets crashing and Tina Fey emerging as the most popular vice-presidential candidate in the U.S. Despite all of that, radio keeps chugging along, as demonstrated by the radio BBM results released today.

Toronto: Bragging rights at the top of the ratings heap will have to be shared by CHFI-FM with a 9.3 % share (down from a 10.3) and CHUM-FM with 9.3% share (down from 10.2%) of hours tuned for Adults 12+. CHUM-FM continues to lead the way for females 25-54 with a 17.3% share (down from 17.7%), followed by CHFI-FM with 14.2% share (down from 14.3%) and EZRock 97.3 with 10.1% share (up from 9.1%). Despite a decline, Q107 continues to lead the way for males 25-54, posting a 10.6% share (down from 12.6%). The Edge held its lead with M18-34, turning in a 12.5% share (down from 12.9%). CHUM-FM grabbed top spot for females 18-34, delivering 15.0% (down from 20.8%) and followed closely by Z103.5 at 14.6% (up from 11.1%).

Vancouver: CKNW fell back slightly but remains #1 for A12+ with a 10.8% share of hours tuned (down from 11.4%). It's a great book for The Beat 94.5, surging to a 9.8% share for A12+ (up from 7.0%). Clearly, summer bodes well for the CHR format. The Beat leaped into top spot for F25-54 with an 11.7% share (up from 6.5). QM-FM slipped to second place for F25-54, delivering a 9.9% share (down from 13.0%), tied with 96.9 JACK-FM at 9.9% (up from 7.7%). ROCK101 bounced back to claim top spot with M25-54, posting a 10.3% (up from 9.6%). The FOX maintains top honours for M18-34 with an 18.6% share (down from 20.8%), followed by The Beat at 16.3% (up from 14.8%). F18-34 goes in a landslide to The Beat with 24.6% (up from 20.2%).

Winnipeg: CJOB kept its grip on its leadership position with a 14.5% share of hours tuned for A12+ (down from 15.6%). Nice gains for Hot 103, delivering an 11.7% (up from 9.7%). A great book for Hot 103, with F25-54 posting a 20.7% share (up from 13.3%). As for M25-54, the #1 position goes to Power 97, posting an excellent 20.0% (up from 16.7%) share, followed by 92 CITI-FM with 14.3% (down from 16.5). Power 97 continues to completely dominate M18-34 with an astounding 38.9% share of hours tuned (up from 28.9%).

Montreal: 105.7 Rythme FM took top spot with a 10.8% (up from 10.1%) share of hours tuned A12+. In the F25-54 race, 105.7 Rythme FM tops the list at 15.9% share (up from 15.5%), followed by Rock Détente 107.3 at 13.2% (down from 14.5%). CHOM-FM takes top spot for M25-54, posting a 12.9% share (up from 12.5%), followed closely by Energie 94.3 at 12.8% (down from 13.1%). For Montreal Anglo, CHOM-FM holds down the #1 position for M25-54 with a 22.2% share (down from 25.6%), while F25-54 features MIX96 at 31.1% (up from 30.6%). For Montreal Franco, Energie 94.3 holds down the lead for M25-54 with a 16.2% share (down from 16.7%), while F25-54 has 105.7 Rythme FM delivering a 19.9% share (up from 18.9%).

Calgary: Vibe 985 emerges at the top of the heap for A12+ with a 9.3% share of hours tuned (same as the last book). CJAY92 claims the #1 position for M25-54 with 11.4% share of hours tuned (down from 12.5%). F25-54 goes to Lite96 with a 12.0% share (down from 12.2%). X92.9 leads the way for M18-34 with a 17.3% share (up from 12.1%).

In Edmonton, things are rocking. Our new leader, holding down top honours for A12+, is The Bear with an 11.6% share (up from 9.7% last time out). For F25-54, CISN rises to 13.4% (down from 20.5%). For M25-54, The Bear remains #1 with 18.1% (up from 14.7%). M18-34 once again belongs to the Bear with an incredible 33.6% share (up from 28.2%).

Ottawa-Gatineau: Hot 89.9 takes hold of the #1 position with a 12.0% share (up from 9.8%) for A12+. CHEZ106 continues to lead the way with M25-54, delivering a 14.5% share of hours tuned (up from 10.8%). For F25-54, Hot 89.9 tops the list with a 13.9% share (up from 12.7%).