Duncan McKie - CIMA

Today's podcast is an exclusive Broadcaster interview Duncan McKie, the new President and Executive Director of the Canadian Independent Record Production Association.


Duncan has a vast array of experience in policy issues surrounding the current Canadian music industry. As Vice-Chairman of Pollara, Canada?s foremost strategic public affairs and marketing research organization, Duncan has spent much of the last few years researching policy issues for the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA). He has worked with CRIA on most of the largest issues confronting the Canadian music industry such as the decline in music sales, piracy, copyright reform, the review of terrestrial radio, digital music tariffs, and the impact of the purchase of media companies. Prior to working with Pollara, Duncan worked closely with the Canadian radio industry in his capacity as Senior Vice President of Client Services and Operations for BBM. David Bray, industry analyst and Senior, Vice President of Hennessy & Bray Communications conducts his exclusive conversation with Duncan McKie.

Special thanks to Broadcaster Magazine for their "Wednesday Podcast" series hosted by David Bray.