Jim McLeod - BBM

Today's podcast is an exclusive Broadcaster interview with Jim McLeod, President and CEO of BBM Canada.


Jim McLeod is President and CEO of BBM, Canada’s rating service, providing television and radio audience and consumer behaviour data to broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies. Prior to joining BBM, in February 2001, Jim was Senior Vice President of Telemedia Radio Inc. He also spent six years as a partner and President of Radiocorp Inc., and before that was President of NewCap Broadcasting. For Jim, it all began as a radio announcer in Amherst, Nova Scotia. In this exclusive interview he gives us the latest information on PPM.

David Bray, industry analyst and Senior, Vice President of Hennessy & Bray Communications conducts his exclusive conversation with Jim McLeod.

Special thanks to Broadcaster Magazine for their "Wednesday Podcast" series hosted by David Bray.